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Talija Strautins
Aug 20, 2022
In Training 1
1) Geology: There are four main hypotheses about the geologic origin of the canyon. They are the Uncompahgre Uplift, Volcanic Activity, Glacier Activity, and River and Lake erosion. The Uncompahgre Uplift did happen, but the theory is about whether it formed the Unaweep Canyon. History: Ranching families settled the canyon after the Ute Indian were removed from the land. The settlers built the first school in 1903, in Gateway. Plantlife: The Rabbitbrush are 3-5 feet in height. They are identified by their yellow-green leaves, stems that form a rounded crown with small yellow flowers. Watershed: Many macroinvertebrates including stone flies and mayflies, live in the Colorado River Watershed. They are a very important part, as they are good indicators of how healthy the watershed is, or not. Wildlife: The Plateau Striped Whiptail is dark brown or black with yellow stripes. They live in lower riparian woodlands, grassland, scrub/shrub, and semi-desert areas. They are also unisexual animals. 2)Fastest Tag in the West Kookaburra
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