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Mr. Powell
Aug 12, 2021
In HSOC Fall- 2021
Introduce yourselves! We are very excited to be offering three sections of the OWL Counselor class this year at Central High School, with plans to expand into other Grand Valley High Schools in the near future. On this discussion thread please introduce yourself to your fellow counselors. Be sure to include a picture, if you don't want to put a picture of yourself, that's totally fine, instead find a picture of something that interests you in the outdoors. And finally, include your nature name and a picture of your nature namesake! I'm Mr. Powell and I'll be teaching the OWL Counselor class this year. This is my 7th year as part of the OWL program. One of my favorite things to do outside is Fly Fishing. This picture is from this past summer when I had a chance to go on a great road trip to Yellowstone National Park. I caught this mountain whitefish on the Gallatin River just outside of Bozeman, MT, where we stayed for a couple nights in the middle of the trip. My Favorite OWL memory is getting to tell stories around the campfire and my favorite OWL activity is the macroinvertebrate survey! My Nature name is Pikeminnow Powell. I actually caught a Colorado pikeminnow on the colorado river in town at Las Colonias (right next to the disc golf course!) Here's a picture of that fish.
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