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OWL Adventure Lab

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Are you looking for adventure? Do you want to learn and live outdoors? Are experiences in the wilderness what you seek? If so, OWL Adventures are for you!


OWL Adventure trips are available May 6- 22, 2024, featuring: 

  • Adventure Hiking 

  • Mountain Biking

  • River Rafting

  • Hunter Safety

  • Additional specialized trips can also be created to meet your groups needs


Curriculum includes: 

  • Hiking, biking, rafting: modern techniques & workforce opportunities

  • Science of river ecosystems & dynamics

  • Colorado Plateau geology & human history

  • Wildlife & plant identification/ tracking, & photographing

  • Hunter Safety Class & Card


Group Size: 14-28 students, 1-2 teachers

Cost: $200 *costs may vary depending on trip

*To register for your trip or for more information, please contact: Greg Weckenbrock (
or Mark Allen (

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